24/7 CRITICAL SYSTEMS MONITORING Critical Systems Monitoring gives your organization a shield of protection that can alert you to potentially serious events that can effect your systems. HPE InfoSight: Predict and prevent problems before they arise Self managing, self healing, self optimizing with AIOPS 86% of issues automatically predicted and resolved 85% less time managing problems 54% of problems resolved are beyond storage HPE InfoSight for Servers nearly eliminates wasted time and headaches by transforming how infrastructure is managed and supported. HPE InfoSight for Servers combines the machine learning and predictive analytics of HPE InfoSight with the health and performance monitoring of Active Health System (AHS) and HPE Integrated Lights Out (iLO) to optimize performance and predict and prevent problems. System Monitoring Go Back Grow your (virtual) team with an intelligent advisor Your operations—Effortless Enjoy an unmatched support experience. Let HPE InfoSight’s advanced machine learning protect every app as it predicts and prevents issues—before you’re even aware there’s a potential problem. Your infrastructure—Intelligent Enjoy fewer support cases and faster time to resolution as your infrastructure gets smarter. With over 100,000 systems connected to HPE InfoSight, availability and performance for your apps keep getting better. Your operations—Effortless Drive deep visibility and eliminate guesswork with VM- and data-centric analytics, simplified lifecycle management, and recommendations to optimize performance and workload placement.